SCFT Elections 2021 Candidate Information

Ballots must be postmarked by 2/26/2021!

FCC Full-time At-Large Candidates


Dr. Gennean Bolen, FCC-English

Dr. Gennean Bolen is an English instructor at Fresno City College.  While working full-time, Dr. Bolen continued her education and earned a second masters degree (Public Administration) from California State University, Fresno, and her Doctorate in Education from Alliant International University.  Dr. Bolen believes in being a life-long learner, and she has added to her degrees a reading certificate, an online teaching certificate and a composition certificate. 


Dr. Bolen is also committed to service; she served as English department chair, president of the FCC African American Faculty and Staff Association, co-chair of the FCC Equity committee and faculty advisor to the only student organization created by and for African American males in FCC’s history.


Finally, Dr. Bolen is a social justice advocate and a staunch defender of civil rights.  As your union representative, Dr. Bolen will judiciously and rigorously advocate on your behalf.


Sean Boyd, FCC- Geography

"I grew up in a union household (IBEW Local 340, Sacramento – my Dad). I was a shop steward and local President of the local AFTRA chapter (now SAG-AFTRA), while in a previous profession. In addition to my SCFT 1533 membership, I also belong to the California Faculty Association, Fresno State Chapter.

It would be my honor to continue to serve as an At-Large Representative for Fresno City College full-time faculty. My goals are no different than before. I would like to assist in any and all efforts to increase Adjunct membership, and to ‘hold the line,’ in spite of the Janus SCOTUS decision.

I have volunteered for a number of outreach efforts over the last few years. At an Executive Council meeting last year, I volunteered to serve on the Membership Committee. I would be honored to have your vote."


Kevin Callahan, FCC- Criminology

"I have been a member of the FCC family since 2012 and a full-time faculty member since 2015.  I have been a member of public employee unions for the past 20 years.  I was on the executive board of a union for 6 years prior to being hired full-time at FCC.  I understand the purpose and value of union representation.  It would be my pleasure to serve our members as a delegate or at-large representative."


Robert Lewallen, FCC- Applied Technology

"My name is Robert Lewallen and I serve as a fulltime instructor in the Applied Technology Division at FCC. I am a licensed contractor in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. I am also an OSHA authorized outreach training instructor. My specialty in safety includes job site hazard analysis and protective measures implementation. My scope of practice also includes serving as a trainer in the use of personal protective equipment such as barriers and facemasks/ shields to protect from air-borne hazards.  I currently serve the greater community as a volunteer on the board of a non-profit organization as a facilities-safety consultant."

Jim Ryan.png

Jim Ryan, FCC- Mathematics

"I have enjoyed teaching mathematics full-time for 30 years in the district, holding classes at Reedley College, Madera Center, Clovis Center, Willow International, Clovis Community College, and I am currently teaching at Fresno City College. Over the years, I have been a general faculty lead before the north centers had any official department chairs, department chair, union representative for Clovis Center, academic senate member for Madera Center, Clovis Center, and Fresno City College and I ran for president of the union in 2017 against our fearless leader Keith Ford. Besides teaching Mathematics at FCC, I am currently one of the AB705 corequisite trainers. The past few years I have gone through quite a few personal changes leaving behind my outside volunteer work, and I am ready to be a part of the union again. It is my hope that my experience in the district will allow me to contribute to the wellbeing of the union and of our colleges."


McKayla Stehr, FCC- History & Political Science

"My name is McKayla Stehr and I am the recent full-time addition to the History & Political Science Department at Fresno City College in 2020. Prior to that, I worked as an adjunct instructor for SCCCD at Clovis Community College where I familiarized myself with the structures and policies that govern the district. After completing my PhD in History, I taught for several years in Wisconsin before moving to California. These diverse experiences introduced me to a range of issues that impact negotiations between faculty members and administrators. My goals as the At-Large Representative would be to listen carefully to your concerns and articulate them to the Executive Council with an eye toward resolution. I am prepared to be an advocate for all full-time faculty because we face unprecedented challenges in the years ahead. I would be an approachable and informed representative focused on protecting your rights."

Officers Elected by Acclamation 2021

Paul Gilmore, FCC-History

SCFT Executive Vice President 

Nelson Esparza, FCC-Economics


"It has been an honor to serve as your current VP of COPE. Over the last 26 months you may have noticed several new faces on the SCCCD Board of Trustees that are substantially more receptive to SCFT concerns. This is the result of hard work and a team effort by our membership to establish an SCCCD Board that truly has our back and hears our voices. Expect to see and hear more from the Trustees going forward. Thanks to your participation, the growing SCFT political operation is more sophisticated than ever before and is producing real results. SCFT President Keith Ford and I work well together for the benefit of our membership, and I am proud to have his support as I seek to represent you for another term. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone/email if you have questions about COPE or anything else: 559-395-2394 or"

Kristina Miko, CCC- Film

Part-time At-Large Representative

"I am absolutely devoted about fighting for the rights of part timers in our district. I really feel our problems on my skin and will always represent our interests. I have been a long time warrior and giving time, energy and love to my teaching and my union work are the real goals of my life. Since I strongly believe in the life-changing power of our union, serving at our Executive Council is the most useful and heartfelt work I can do for all of us.  I am hardworking, down to earth and dedicated to social justice to win. You can always find me and share your problems, concerns and injustice you had to face. I am eager to voice our needs!"

Michael "Mike" Stannard, CCC- Philosophy

Full-time At-Large Representative

"I have been a philosophy instructor at Clovis since 2007.  Since 2018 I have been editor of the SCFT newsletter The Federalist.  My union activism (and participation in academic senate) have been driven by the realization that it falls to faculty to protect the quality of education.  The role of administrator is no longer the role of an educator; faculty work under policies and persons that too frequently create a stressful and even embittering work environment.  In my role as editor of the Federalist I have tried to help our leadership keep members informed about decisions, policies, and plans which are conducive or the opposite to teaching and learning.  The 50 class-cap is an affront to equity and an especially galling policy for some of us at Clovis.  I hope to keep working on lowering class caps and protecting faculty interests in every way on the SCFT Executive Council."

M Eissinger_edited.jpg

Michael Eissinger FCC- Cultural & Women's Studies

Part-time At-Large Representative 

Maryam Jamali, FCC- English

Part-time At-Large Representative 

"Hi, my name is Maryam and I’ve served as a Part-time at Large representative on the Executive Council for several semesters. I want to make sure that all part-time faculty are valued and treated with equity. Respect and compassion are key to achieving this. Examples of my advocacy include pushing to have part-time faculty paid for our recent transition online and making sure divisions on our campus follow the seniority of adjuncts fairly, as well as voicing concerns for recently laid-off part-time faculty. As your Part-time at Large representative, my long- term focus is pay parity, healthcare, and the availability of more full-time positions on our campus."

CFT Convention Delegates 2021


The 78th Convention of the California Federation of Teachers is hereby called to convene online on Friday, March 26, 2021, at the hour of 9 a.m. and will remain in session two days or until such time as it has given full consideration to such matters as legally may be brought before it.
— Jeffery M. Freitas, President


The biennial CFT Convention is the highest policymaking body of the Federation. The union’s vitality and democracy depend upon participation in the Convention by delegates from locals in good standing.

The constitutional provisions for CFT Conventions have been adopted to ensure CFT members are represented in the policy-making of their union. Delegates will elect the CFT President, Secretary Treasurer and 24 Vice Presidents, plus delegates to the AFT Convention 2022 and the California Labor Federation Convention 2022. Delegates will also vote on important resolutions and constitutional amendments. The members below will attend the convention to represent the interests of the SCFT.


Jacki Alvarez, FCC- Philosophy

Part-time At-Large Representative 

Dr. Gennean Bolen, FCC- English

rg (2).png

Kevin Callahan, FCC- Police Academy


Rigo Garcia, FCC- Cultural & Women's Studies

Paul Gilmore, FCC- History

SCFT Executive VP 

Maryam Jamali, FCC- English

Part-time At-Large Representative 


Janice Ledgerwood, CCC- Art

VP of Grievance

Kristina Miko, CCC- Film

Part-time At-Large Representative 

Bernadette Moordigian, FCC- Psychology

Part-time At-Large Representative 


Enid Perez, FCC- Cultural & Women's Studies

Mark Trezza, FCC- Political Science

Full-time At-Large Representative 

Ria Willaims.jpg

Ria Williams, FCC- English

VP of Grievance