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SCFT Elections 2022-23 Candidate Information

Ballots must be postmarked by 01/13/2023

 Candidate List




Kathleen Arambula-Reyna, CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

Political Science Instructor with 14 years teaching experience at Reedley and Madera campuses; Kathleen currently holds the role of Instructor Coordinator of Internship Development at Fresno City College focusing on Dept of Labor certification for CYLC students. Kathleen has a Juris Doctorate and has acted as a political advisor and jury consultant, as well as being employed in with Fresno and Tulare County District Attorney's Offices and private law firms.



Marisol Baca, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

Marisol Baca is the author of Tremor from Three Mile Harbor Press. In 2019, she was named Fresno Poet Laureate. She is the first woman and Chicana/Latinx poet to hold this appointment, and her poem, “The Origin of Certain Place Names: for Fresno” was designated Fresno city’s official poem. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University. Marisol is an English instructor at Fresno City College. She is currently the English department letters chair, she teaches as part of the RAIN cohort and Honors. 

Sean Boyd, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"Dear SCFT 1533 Brothers and Sisters, I am placing myself in nomination for a third term as an At-Large Representative from Fresno City College for SCFT, 1533. I grew up in a union household, and was a shop steward and local President for the  local chapter of SAG-AFTRA about 25 years ago. In addition to my SCFT 1533 membership, I also currently belong to the California Faculty Association, Fresno State Chapter. I am proud of the work our executive committee and membership have done in the last three years, when presented with the challenges of the COVID pandemic – not just advocating for our members, but for our students as well. I look forward to continuing to support our negotiating committee, and expanding Adjunct membership and advocacy. It would be my honor to continue serving in my current position, and I ask for your vote."

Samantha Brookshire, FCC Part-time At-Large Representative (winner by acclamation)

Sam Brookshire has been a part-time English faculty member in the SCCCD since 2017.  She teaches primarily at Fresno City College, as well as College of the Sequoias.  Sam has attended/participated in numerous pedagogical and professional development opportunities through the years, such as Colegas Webinars, the Ram Racial Equity Lab, the Language Equity in Community Colleges Inaugural Conference, the ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Institute, and the SCCCD and United Ways 21 Day Equity Challenge.  She is a senator on the College of the Sequoias Academic Senate as a COS Adjunct Faculty Association union representative, is a member of their Standing Committee A, and has taken part in Strategic Plan Task Forces in the past.  Participatory governance and part-time faculty equity/opportunities are very important to Sam, and she would be honored to serve as an FCC Part-Time Faculty At-Large Representative for SCFT. 

Kevin Callahan, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

I am asking for your yes vote to serve another two years as an At-Large faculty member of the Executive Committee.  The past two years has been a wonderful experience learning how strongly the Executive Committee represents our members and their rights.  I would recommend each faculty member to consider seeking an At-Large seat at some point.  It will be an eye opening experience that will help your passion for our union grow stronger.

Nelson Esparza, VP of COPE (winner by acclamation)

Nick Hernandez, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I’m a full-time political science faculty member and have been teaching at FCC since Fall of 2019.  I’ve served on Academic Senate since spring of 2020 and am the advisor to the Muslim Student Association.  I’m interested in becoming an At-Large Representative because throughout my education and career, I have been involved in community organizing and would like to bring that knowledge and experience to SCFT.  I want to be able to serve and represent our faculty members and will do so to the best of my abilities. On a personal note, I’m an avid runner, backpacker, snowshoer, and am learning the art of Japanese fly fishing known as Tenkara."

Scott Hughes, VP of Adjunct Affairs Candidate

"I started my employment at Fresno City College in 2014 as a teacher’s assistant in the Communication Department for the debate team. I started as an adjunct instructor teaching in the Communication Department in 2018. While working the last five years as an adjunct instructor, I have seen the need for increased adjunct benefits and pay. I was nominated for this position by Tom Boroujeni, based on my experience, passion, and advocacy toward accomplishing change to adjunct equality. According to the CFT website, “over 40 years of resolutions, advocacy, legislative lobbying, and other efforts have failed to make significant changes to this two-tier system”. This is unacceptable. If elected, I promise to push for aggressive negotiations and real change toward equality for adjunct instructors. We live in poverty and receive a fraction of the benefit’s fulltime faculty. By electing me, you have a chance for real change."

Robin Huigen, CCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I've taught at Clovis Community College for 16 years full-time and have another 10 years before that as an adjunct at Reedley and Fresno City College. I have been the CCC at Large rep in the past and I wanted to volunteer again. Full-time faculty should always stand up for faculty rights and I believe adjuncts should be compensated fairly.  

Thanks. Robin Huigen, Sociology Clovis Community College." 

Auguste Kouadio, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I was born and raised in West Africa and now American citizen, working, and living in Fresno for last 20 years.

I have also a background in the performing arts and video production. After earning my MA in interdisciplinary Humanities studies at UC Merced, I was hired as adjunct instructor in African American studies at Fresno City College. After 4 years, I was offered a full-time position. I’m presently teach African American studies, Ethnics studies, social justice. I see myself more as a Holistic educator interested in advocating for basic human rights ESPECIALLY Teachers rights. I'm a LGBTQ+ Ally and students club advisor. I’m looking forward to serving my union and my community."

Janice Ledgerwood, CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

Janice Ledgerwood has served as the VP of Members’ Rights at Clovis Community College for several years by helping faculty with their placement in the salary schedule, representing them in disciplinary matters, assisting them with contract questions, and more. Within the statewide California Federation of Teachers, she currently serves on the Environmental and Social Justice Committee and has been the recording secretary at the annual conventions for several years. Janice would be honored to represent the members of SCFT Local 1533 at the upcoming convention and with gratitude asks for your vote. Thank you.

William "Billy" Mask, MCC Full-time  At-Large Representative Candidate

"8-year veteran of the district. Have taught at both MCC and FCC as History Instructor. Have served in many roles at MCC. Currently serve on PR/SLO Sub-committee, APC Committee, Athletic Adhoc Committee, ASG Faculty Advisor, and others. Just finished year three tenure track evaluation. Love to protect Constitutional Guarantees!!!"

Kristina Miko, CCC Part-time At-large Representative (winner by acclamation) 

It is as simple as my philosophy of teaching: union work is all about giving and serving. This is what I do from the beginning of my career; I have decades of experience fighting for faculty and student interests from having taught two decades at European universities to my current "homes": CCC and FCC. I have been teaching Film and English classes at both colleges since 2003, so I have a really expanded view of the problems our union has to fight for and I am always ready to be part of this fight. I have been a Teachers Union member from the very beginning of my career and my huge experience might be useful/usable again. I currently serve as one of the PT Representatives At-large to the SCFT Executive Council and I would like to continue my devoted work for another term.


Bernadette Moordigian, VP of Adjunct Affairs & CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

"I have been an active member in SCFT for the past 7 years. I had a great opportunity to serve as the first V.P. of Adjunct Affairs for our Union. Over the past year, I have attended and spoke at the Board of Trustees meetings, and the media, on the importance of equity for our part-time faculty. I attend our Executive Board meetings and actively participate and vote. It is crucial to have an active representative as many of our Part-Time faculty feel that their needs and concerns go unnoticed.  I want our part-time faculty to be treated fairly, and with respect. I ask that you vote for me to continue my work and represent you. In solidarity, Dr. Bernadette Moordigian."

Lina Obeid, CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

Lina Obeid has been a full-time math instructor at Reedley College Reedley, CA since 2005. She loves teaching! She has been an advocate for faculty members, first as a Member at Large for Reedley College and now as the Vice President of Member Rights (VPMR). In her current role as VPMR, Lina has helped faculty recover
over $100,000 in money owed to them by the district. She works diligently to assist faculty with issues and concerns as they arise. She is here for YOU! Lina enjoys biking, reading and relaxing with friends and
family. She is a foodie who loves to travel around the US and the world. Her dream is to visit all of our major national parks.



Monique Quintana, CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

Monique Quintana is a current SCFT campus at-large representative for Fresno City College and has been teaching in its English department since 2016. She has participated in the Interdisciplinary Faculty Equity Lab, and the Racial Equity Lab and has been Co-advisor for the Spectrum student club. She also teaches and coordinates in the Puente Program and is a Latino Faculty and Staff Association and Friends of the Library member.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Fresno State, where she was president of the Chicano Writers and Artists Association. She also taught in Fresno State's First Year Writing Program and worked in Fresno State's Writing Center, where she trained and supervised Instructional Aides, facilitated small writing groups, and researched group communication styles. She writes book reviews, artist interviews, and articles for online magazines and lives in Fresno's Tower District.

Jeff Ragan, MCC VP of Academic Affairs (winner by acclamation)

James "Jim" Ryan, FCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I am in my 32nd year of full-time teaching mathematics for State Center Community College and my 5th year full-time at FCC. I have served as a member of the union executive board a total of 6 years during that time. Currently I am on the executive board as an FCC member-at-large, and I find the current board very professional and thorough. I would like to continue as member-at-large to help the union out as much as I can with my many years of experience teaching on all 4 main campuses over the years."

Alex Taylor, FCC Part-time At-Large Representative (winner by acclamation) & CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

"I have been teaching photography at Fresno City College for over 4 years as an Adjunct Instructor and union member for most of that time. Since the Fall 2022 semester, I began to make advocacy videos for SCFT 1533 to improve outreach communications and information resources for the union. I also advocate for Adjunct issues, such as pay parity and healthcare, by speaking at Board of Trustee meetings and participating in on-campus demonstrations. Because of this work I was appointed to an At-Large Representative position. I believe that the district must apply its stance on equity not just to students, but to ALL of its employees. Elect me as your Part-Time At-Large Representative and CFT Convention Delegate so that I may continue to be a resource for you and work on your behalf to improve our conditions at work and defend our collective rights"

Mark Trezza, CFT Convention Delegate Candidate

Mark Trezza has a lengthy and outstanding history of union involvement with the SCFT. He has served on the SCFT Negotiating Team for the last two rounds of bargaining, he has also served as as a VP of Member Rights, defending your contractual rights and currently serves on the SCFT Executive Council as an At-large Representative. He and his wife Kathy Trezza reliably show up for union actions and events to support their fellow colleagues. As a delegate, Mark will serve as a loud and strong voice for AFT Local 1533! 

Gina Vagnino, MCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I am seeking your support as Madera Community College’s at large representative to the State Center Federation of Teachers. I began teaching as an adjunct in spring of 2019. I was hired as a full-time temp in 2021, and finally tenure track in 2022. I have had the opportunity to see all aspects of the employment spectrum allowing me to understand the concerns given each phase.  Prior to entering education, I have 28 years of experience in human resource management. I have worked closely with various unions. I have extensive knowledge and understanding of requirements for proper and compliant workplace conditions and how to advocate for our unit members.  

It is my goal to ensure our unit members are heard and their concerns are articulated effectively. I feel my experience will contribute to the ongoing improvement of conditions for our faculty which will lead to a better academic environment for our students."

Nathan Wensko, CCC Full-time At-Large Representative Candidate

"I have only been in our district for a short time as a Communication Studies Faculty member at Clovis
Community College but my passion for active engagement in my community has been a part of my life
since I was young. I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan where my family was actively involved with
the Untied Auto Workers union to promote the safety and well being of employees in the car industry. I
even continued this tradition when I was a Graduate assistant at California State University, Los Angeles
and took on leadership roles for the union who looked after us. As a representative I hope to carry on
the tradition of the State Center Federation of Teachers being advocates for faculty and the rights
afforded to us in our contract that our union has fought so hard to maintain."


Ria Williams, SCFT Executive Vice President (winner by acclamation)

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