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Students, Community, Family, and Teachers working collectively to serve as a unified force for justice, change, and democracy.


SCFT is your local union with the support of state and national affiliations. We represent instructors, counselors, nurses, coaches, librarians, and tutors employed with State Center Community College District. SCFT is governed by its board which consists of elected representatives from all campuses.

What is the SCFT sphere of responsibility?
Wages, hours, working conditions, and all contractual matters. 

Why does membership matter?
A robust membership makes for a strong collective voice to address issues pertaining to wages, hours, and working conditions.

How can I become a member?
You will find our application nested under the "Membership" tab. Hit "Join" to be linked to our e-form.


Read your contract and keep it handy – Your contract delineates your rights and benefits at work and represents the focus of your union’s activity.

Go to your union leadership if you have a question – If you are unclear about what your contract says, or what your union is doing to address an issue, go to one of your elected leaders and ask them. The names of your campus representatives
on our
"Governance" page.

Attend meetings – If you can not make a meeting, send a surrogate who you trust to express your views and help you stay informed. Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month. Read
newsletters, E-Mails, etc.

Participate in and VOTE in the election of leaders of your unit - If you know of a member who shares your views and is a strong leader, encourage them to run for election.

As your union does its work on your behalf, it will engage in a number of activities, including leafleting, member surveys, petition drives, picketing and, if needed, strike votes and even strikes. The success of all of these activities depends on broad participation of the membership. If your union is engaged in an activity, PARTICIPATE. BE POLITICALLY INFORMED AND INVOLVED. 


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