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Students, Community, Family, and Teachers working collectively to serve as a unified force for justice, change, and democracy.


(Part-time Advisory Committee)

We are the voice for 1,100 part-time instructors in the valley! The SCFT Part-time Faculty Advisory Committee protects and promotes the professional interests of the Federation and its part-time faculty members. The committee keeps the Executive Council and the membership informed of the major issues and concerns faced by local, state and national part-time faculty.

Part-Time Advisory Committee Members



Rigo Garcia

M.A. Chicano-Latino Studies



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Dr. Bernadette Moordigian


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PTAC Speaking up at SCCCD Board Meetings:

@ 27:22: FCC Part-time instructor, Rigo Garcia speaks up at the board meeting about the SCCCD Board's tendency to grant raises --in this case COLA--to administration without resistance whereas part-time faculty have to fight tooth and nail just to get COLA. 

Aug. 02, 2022
Dec. 14, 2021

VP of Adjunct Affairs, Bernadette Moordigian speaks to the SCCCD Board about general part-time inequities worsened by the pandemic.

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About SCCCD Part-time Faculty

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We build unlikely futures in one of the poorest regions of the nation. The SCCCD faculty provides education and training to tens of thousands of  students yearly, many of whom are low income. We provide the education that increases the potential for upward mobility for our students and provides our growing valley economy with the skilled workers that it so desperately needs.
Yet, for all of our achievements, which look well on SCCCD, much of our work remains unpaid by the District and its governing board.

Part-timers make up approximately 2/3rds of the faculty body at State Center Community College District
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Unpaid Work

An SCCCD adjunct with a full load (10 units) earns a wage that is roughly equal to minimum wage.  This is because more than half of the work that adjuncts are required to do is unpaid. While Ed Code does set a cap on how much adjuncts are able to teach, it is within the power of a district's administration and board to make us whole, they just choose not to.

66th in the state.
Year after year, SCCCD Part-timers rank near the bottom in terms of pay among all community colleges in the state. When looking at comparable distrcts, we come in dead last.

View the latest Salary Comparison report from CFT

This is what the work week looks like for SCCCD part-time faculty--which is not much different than FT faculty. As you can see here, part-timers are only partially paid for the number of hours required to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as instructors. 
Proportional hours
We need your support!

Part-time inequity is a persistent issue in academia that requires long term dedication to create real and lasting change in our institution. Our committee is dedicated to this cause but change will only come piecemeal without our colleagues standing behind us in great numbers. While we appreciate member support and solidarity from afar, the only way we are really going to have any impact on our district is through member involvement. 


News & Publications

May 1, 2022
VP of Adjunct Affairs, Bernadette Moordigian, Receives Statewide Recognition for Her Organizing Efforts at SCFT!

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May 2, 2022
Groundbreaking CFT survey calls out healthcare crisis among part-time faculty. Critical insights into part-time faculty in community colleges statewide

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Groundbreaking CFT survey calls out healthcare crisis among part-time facultyCritical insights into part-time faculty in community colleges statewide

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