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Reminder to Part-time faculty: Apply for office hours

08/10-- 08/14!



All part-time members who completed the distance education training and have an assignment for Fall of 2020 will automatically be provided 5 office hours  for the semester-- as a result of the MOU recently established between SCFT and SCCCD in response to the pandemic. In addition to the 5 hours being provided, you may apply for regular office hours (as provided in your contract) during the week of 08/10 through 08/14/2020. The appropriate form must be submitted to Office of the Vice President of Instruction on your campus.

*To be eligible for regular office hours, you must be teaching at least five (5) lecture hour equivalents. 

Send your inquiry on office hours to:

CCC- Marco de la Garza

MC- Marie Harris

FCC- Don Lopez

RC- Dale van Dam

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