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SCCCD Trustees Vote for a More Equitable Map

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On December 6, 2021, SCCCD Trustees voted for fair, equitable and lawful representation for Fresno County rather than maintaining the status quo. SCCCD district boundaries will be redrawn to reflect the changes that have occurred in our population over the past 10 years according to the federal census. We now wait for a decision on the map from the Fresno County Committee on School district Organization.



The AFT and the American Association of University Professors launched a bold campaign Feb. 10, introducing “A New Deal for Higher Education(link is external).” The national effort calls for massive federal investment to make public colleges and universities more accessible to all students, and it lists, among other elements, free college, student debt relief, and sustainable workplaces for faculty, as the pathway forward.


“After months of organizing by thousands of CFT members throughout the state, we are thrilled to see Governor Newsom and the California Legislature commit $200 million in ongoing, yearly funding for healthcare for part-time community college faculty in the state budget,” said CFT president" - Jeff Freitas, CFT President


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