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special Committees

Students, Community, Family, and Teachers working collectively to serve as a unified force for justice, change, and democracy.

Collective Bargaining/Negotiationscommittees


The Chief Negotiator shall be the principal spokesperson for the Committee, and shall execute his/her duties and responsibilities under the direction of the President and the Executive Council. Only members of the Federation shall be eligible for selection by the Executive Council to serve on the Collective Bargaining/Negotiations Committee.

The Collective Bargaining/Negotiations Committee shall prepare contract-negotiating proposals for review by the Executive Council prior to their presentation to the District for the purpose of negotiations. These proposals should reflect the committee’s consideration of contract suggestions from a diverse cross-section of the Federation’s constituency. The committee has the further responsibility of conducting the contract negotiations with the District. It shall have the authority to modify Federation contract proposals, accept or reject District proposals, and grant tentative approval of contract proposals pending ratification by a simple majority of Federation members voting at a general membership meeting called for that purpose.

  • Chair- John Fitzer

  • Chief Negotiator- John Fitzer

  • Additional members of the Executive Council or from the Federation membership appointed and approved by the Executive Council- Mark Trezza, Bill Turini, Ryen Hirata, Rigo Garcia

Constitutional and By-Law Revision Committee


The Constitutional and By-Law Revision Committee shall review the Federation Constitution and By-Laws as necessary in order to ensure that the governing procedures of the Federation remain current and functional.

  • Immediate Past President

  • Additional members of the Executive Council

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