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Regenerate Wellness Fest



State Center Federation of Teachers Presents... Regenerate Wellness Fest Free yoga, meditation, fitness and self-defense sessions brought to you by the State Center Community College Faculty Union (SCFT)

About We want healthier community colleges in the Central Valley! It's time to make visible the connection between faculty wellness, student wellness, and community wellness. Approximately 2,000 State Center Community College instructors come into contact with roughly 69,000 students per year; 70% of those instructors are offered very short term or no health insurance at all. "Dying to Teach," a panel discussion feat. Dr. Bernadette Moordigian, will discuss the risks that part-time instructors take to educate our community (immediately to follow wellness sessions). Event Info: We invite the community to come and partake in wellness sessions and other resources that will be available onsite. Date: 04/02/2022 Time: 10 AM Location: FCC on the west lawn along Maroa Ave. (see map). Info: Important note: Mats will not be provided for the yoga sessions. Thanks... A big shout out to all of our community partners who have committed to making this event a reality: Holistic Cultural and Educational Wellness Center, Every Neighborhood Partnership, California Health Collaborative, Food to Share, Westcare/The Livingroom, FCC Dental, Planned Parenthood, The Art of Anger, Reel Pride.

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