Our work is paying off! The District has agreed to compensate adjuncts for course migration!

Our work is paying off!

Just today, SCFT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the district for course migration payment. In early 2020, faculty faced the enormous task of migrating course content to an online mode to keep students learning and the district in operation. This took many hours and for adjuncts, these hours were unpaid. Our team never let up on getting adjuncts paid for this work.

The SCFT PTAC (Part-time Advisory Committee) continually organized using surveys, emails, and texts to gather member input to make our case. Members of our part-time committee, Bernadette Moordigian, Rigoberto Garcia, and Michael Eissinger spoke out publicly at an adjunct panel discussion about working conditions; course migration was mentioned. They also addressed the board of trustees during public comment about these same issues last month. This work could not have been done without a collaborative effort between PTAC, our Chief Negotiator, John Fitzer, and President, Keith Ford.

With just a few people, we were able to get much accomplished; with a more engaged membership, we could accomplish even more.

If you are not a member of the SCFT, please take a moment to let this communication really sink in. Your union is working for you! Join our efforts to improve working conditions for adjuncts by becoming a member: https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/state-center-federation-teachers

If you are a member already, know that this work sits on the shoulders of only a few committed individuals who serve on the part-time committee. They would welcome and appreciate your help in working towards a better SCCCD.

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