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Fresno City College student arrested after altercation with instructor involving a gun,

Police say he had her in a headlock with a small-caliber gun to her head

Reported via ABC 30

December 10, 2022

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police say a Fresno City College student is in custody after he went to an instructor's house with a gun and got into a "physical disturbance" with her Thursday morning. The incident happened in Central Fresno.

Witnesses tell Action News the student, who has been identified as Rudolfo Brambila, was holding the woman at gunpoint after a tense showdown in the backyard of the instructor's home.

Detectives say Brambila's exact motive is still unknown, but police know he was mad about a complaint the teacher filed related to his behavior which the female instructor felt was inappropriate.

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