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Contingent faculty team up, pass national shared governance policy

AFT Convention adopts resolution crafted by UC and community college faculty

October 20, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic meant that this summer’s AFT Convention had to go virtual, and in turn, resulted in format changes which made schedules tighter, and the work of those attending harder in many respects, one of the great achievements for CFT was the passage of a resolution calling for the right of contingent faculty to participate in shared governance.

The “Encourage Contingent Faculty Participation in Shared Governance” resolution, calls for AFT to “support legislation for contingent faculty to be included and enfranchised without regard to their part-time status and compensated in shared governance work.” The resolution, which passed on the Virtual Convention floor with a 98 percent vote, was part of a two-year joint effort between the CFT Part-Time Faculty Committee and University Council-AFT, representing contingent lecturers at the University of California. Read more

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