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Action Alert - funding part-time faculty healthcare


Dear members,

We are partnering with community college faculty union members across the state in CFT’s

campaign to win affordable, quality healthcare for part-time faculty.

And our member advocacy is working. Just last month, as a result of letters from over 1,400

members, Governor Newsom allocated $200 million in his January 10 state budget proposal to

fund healthcare for part-time faculty on an ongoing basis – an increase of more than 400 times

the current state funding level!

But we must keep up the momentum over the coming months, to ensure that this funding

remains in the state budget, and advocate for a system that actually gets the health coverage

benefit to the part-time faculty who need it.

There are two steps that we are asking members to take now to support funding for part-

time faculty healthcare:

1. Send a letter to key legislators about this issue, and share the link with as many others

as possible:

2. Attend upcoming budget hearings in the state legislature and speak for one minute

about why part-time faculty need healthcare: 2/14 (time TBD), and 2/16 at 9AM.

● We have talking points for you, and encourage you to attend 1 of 3 trainings the

week prior (2/8 @ 4PM, 2/9 @ 4PM, or 2/11 @ 1PM)

● Please RSVP at:

Please join us in taking action to fund part-time faculty healthcare, and contact Chase Golding

Part-time Faculty Campaign Coordinator, with any questions at

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