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SCFT Leadership Survey 2019-2020

Greetings on behalf of State Center Federation of Teachers. Before you set out to read and understand SCFT’s 2019-2020 Leadership Survey, I would like to take a moment to explain its methodology and goals.

There is an elegance to simplicity and an honesty to transparency. We tried for simplicity by asking only two questions—the exact same two questions—of each leader being surveyed. We asked simply: 1) “How would you rate the leadership of X?”; and 2) “Please elaborate. What does X do well? What could X do better?”

The first of these questions allowed the respondent to answer on a numerical sliding scale, from zero to 100: zero indicated “Completely Inadequate and Negative”; 50 indicated “Adequate”; and 100 indicated “Exceptionally Effective and Positive.” The second of these questions allowed the respondent to answer in longer form. The tone of these questions was direct and open in order to avoid both any kind of sampling bias and implied prejudice, whether negative or positive. Further, the survey actively discouraged the respondent from rating someone for whom they lacked sufficient reference.

We tried for transparency by broadening the survey’s scope beyond the Chancellor and upper echelons of administration. Our heartfelt conviction is that everyone in leadership should be open to critique and criticism from those they serve. Thus, our scope was as broad and deep as possible: from the Chancellery to the Colleges, from the Senates to SCFT.

There were omissions and at least one weakness. To the former point, concerns for anonymity and the frankness it provides kept us from including the deans. To the latter, we could not program the survey in such a way as to delineate clearly which Vice President was being rated. As such, they are rated as an aggregate, sorted only by college. This muddles their ratings but, since many of the elaborations name specific VPs, we chose not to omit this section from the survey.

Our goal, finally, in surveying our 1800 members (300 of whom responded) was simply to learn how our members feel about their institution’s many levels of leadership. Our goal in releasing it to you is simply to inform you of these sentiments. We hope you receive this with an open mind. We hope also that this survey marks a new annual practice of introspection and holding one another publicly to account for the betterment of State Center Community College District as a whole.

Kindest Regards,

Keith Ford

President, State Center Federation of Teachers

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