Shooting in Thousand Oaks leaves another community reeling

We must protect children, not the merchants of death

By Joshua Pechthalt, CFT President

Another week, another mass shooting, more condolences from elected officials…and nothing gets done. As of this writing, we have had 19 shootings of some sort on campus this year, and we are likely to have another before this article gets published.

The numbers are mind-numbing: According to the New York Times, more than 430 people have been shot in 273 school attacks since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012.

The daily shootings of brown and black youth that take place across the country may not get the same attention the horrific mass killings receive, but they take and destroy lives just the same. We can establish laws that regulate seat belts, speed limits, and the use of alcohol, yet we cannot manage to effectively regulate guns.

We are not the only country where this kind of tragedy happens. What is different in America is the deadly grip the National Rifle Association has on the political process. Its ability to mobilize its members squelches all efforts at gun control. The NRA has effectively linked gun control with a perceived challenge to the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The American people, who in the majority support stricter gun control, are going to have to rise up and demand that their elected representatives act.