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URGENT ACTION NEEDED! AB 463 : Access to Loan Forgiveness for Community College Part-Time Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

Take a few minutes to write a letter of support for Assembly Bill 463 – the CFT-sponsored community college part-time faculty student debt bill. The bill is currently on the governor’s desk. We need as many letters as possible to encourage the governor to sign this important piece of legislation. 

I ask that you submit your letter to the governor’s office portal at leg.unit@gov.ca.gov as soon as possible. We expect the governor to consider the bill within the next several days.

Thank you in advance for your activism on AB 463.

Sample Letter:

(DATE) The Honorable Gavin Newsom Governor, State of California State Capitol, First Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Request for Signature on Assembly Bill 463 (Cervantes)

Dear Governor Newsom:

The purpose of this letter is to respectfully request that you sign Assembly Bill 463, the community college part-time faculty student debt bill. The enactment of this legislation will help me to stay in the classroom and pay off my student debt.

I am currently a community college part-time faculty member at (NAME(S) OF THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE(S) WHERE YOU TEACH). I currently have (AMOUNT) in student debt. This overwhelming debt is preventing me from ________________________. As a part-time community college faculty member, I currently do not receive credit for the non- instructional time I spend teaching my students. This includes lesson preparation, grading student papers and conducting office hours. I only receive credit for the time I spend in front of the classroom. In addition, I have received misleading and sometimes false information from the servicing agency that handles my student loans.

Assembly Bill 463 would require the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges to develop and provide to community college districts informational materials designed to increase awareness of how to qualify for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program and require each community college district to annually provide this information to their faculty in written or electronic form. In addition, AB 463 would require community college districts to apply a multiplier to part-time faculty course hours, which would give them credit for office hours and non-instructional time, in order to make them eligible for the PSLF Program.

It is for these reasons that I am in strong support of AB 463 and respectfully request your signature on this critical piece of legislation. Your signature on AB 463 tells community college part-time faculty that we are valued for our contributions to the community college system and the students we teach.


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