• Bernadette Moordigian

A Call for SCFT Recycling

Do you care about the Earth? Do you hate seeing litter on your campus? There are so many bottles and cans that fill our classrooms, stairways, and garbage cans on campus. Your local union is putting a positive spin on all this waste. We are creating a college scholarship for our members’ children. That’s right! Recyclables that would have become trash will now have the potential to become a textbook, flash drive, money towards studying abroad, parking pass, tuition, and so much more. There will be a variety of events that we will fundraise to generate money for the scholarship’s endowment. I have started to collect recyclables that I see in the classroom and all over campus. I personally saw so much potential for our Union to help create a cleaner environment and also help out our members and their children in pursuit of an education. We have already started to collect the recycling by going through the garbage cans on campus. Gross, I know, and I’m a germaphobe too. However, the need to separate the actual garbage from the recycling is more important for the greater good. Gloves are a must, and help quell any anxiety regarding germs. Working A Call for SCFT Recycling with a partner helps. You need an extra set of hands to hold the bag. We will also take personal donations. I cleaned out my car, backpack, home, and was happy to donate those water bottles and energy drinks for a greater good. I was also happy to experience students who saw us collecting and asked if we wanted their cans and bottles. YES, WE DO! I was able to meet new students and staff and explain what I was doing, especially with my current students that saw me digging through trash. So far, we have raised just under $50.00. I am excited to see how much revenue is created with each nickel and dime. Would you like to get started on your campus as well? Collecting doesn’t take long. Inez Zuniga and I went through the entire FCC campus in about an hour. You can always collect and drop it off at our new office, or we would be happy to collect them on your campus. Please contact me if you are interested in helping out in any way possible. I am proud to be part of our Union that supports our members, their families, and believes that every day should be Earth Day. - Bernadette Moordigian


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