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SCCCD COVID-19 Updates


SCCCD To Mandate Vaccinations Beginning October 15

Aug 24, 2021 —


General Information on the COVID Vaccine


Find the status for activities in your county


Class Caps Resolution
Some class sections have been merged in the interest of efficiency at a time when students need more individual attention. Read more



(Memorandum of Understanding) and Agreement between

SCFT & SCCCD regarding the vaccine, remote work, evaluations, and more.  Find additional MOU's on our "Contracts and MOU's" page.




Update 01/07/2022
Attention Members! You are only required to take attendance, report if a student has COVID symptoms, and report students attending an onsite class who are not compliant with the vaccine mandate to your 
department dean. Any additional requests from your department in regard to tracking and reporting COVID cases should be brought to the attention of your campus Member Rights officer. Remote learning accommodations for students unable to attend in-person classes will be made at the instructor's discretion. 

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