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CSEA Leadership Survey 2019-2020

The following leadership survey was conducted by the Classified union at State Center Community College district, CSEA. The exact same two questions were asked of each State Center leader: 1) “How would you rate the leadership of X?”; and 2) “Please elaborate. What do they do well? What could they do better?”Questions was direct and open in order to avoid sampling bias and implied prejudice, whether negative or positive. Further, the survey actively discouraged the respondent from rating someone for whom they lacked sufficient reference. See survey here

Will SCCCD Administrators Get A Raise? Be at the Next Board Meeting.

UPDATED 08/04/2020 Dear Fellow Members, I know we’re all busy with Flex day and everything else that goes with a pandemic semester. Allow me to take a minute of your time, please, to update you on what happened at the Board of Trustees meeting. Tuesday night at the Board of Trustees' meeting, our union, SCFT, scored an important win. Around 50 of our colleagues and fellow union members showed up to demand trustees sink any plans to improve the contract of the Chancellor. HELP US KEEP THE PRESSURE UP, RSVP TO BE PART OF THE UNION'S PRESENCE AT THE SEPTEMBER BOARD MEETING BY CLICKING HERE. Presumably knowing this would be a controversial move during a global health crisis and severe economic d

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